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On behalf of myself and my office team, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to Dr. Angela Moss’s family during this most difficult time following her passing.

We know that Dr. Moss cared deeply for her patients and provided them with a high standard of compassionate (dental) care. Her ability to offer treatment with the comfort of dental sedation allowed her to treat people who otherwise may have neglected their oral health.

Seeking a doctor to care for Angela’s patients in the same fashion in which she did, has become an important and necessary task for her husband Doug and their practice transition team. After extensive consultation and assurances I am honored to be able to assume the care for her patients from the Bowie office. Dr. Moss’s patients will also recognize a familiar face in my office, as I am happy to welcome Colleen, her dental assistant to our practice.

My offices are located in Edgewater, just outside of Annapolis and in Olney, which should be convenient for patients from Bowie and neighboring areas.

We are dedicated to making your transition to our office seamless and maintaining the standard of care you have come to expect.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to my practice.


Most sincerely,
Kevin R. Doring, DDS, MAGD

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